Friends of Trees Woodstock Planting! – Saturday, December 8th –


Friend’s of Trees Woodstock Planting is coming up on Saturday, December 8th! 
It’s going to be a historic year for Woodstock because we are getting free street trees this season only. Friends of Trees has almost 190 trees ordered for the planting already with another 10 days to go until our Nov. 19th order deadline. They feel confident we’ll reach 250 trees! Want a FREE street tree? Please contact Friends of Trees at (503) 282-8846 or email at if you want a FREE street tree!
We’ve got only about 8 trucks confirmed through homeowners, a few more from Friends of Trees, and hopefully a few more coming with our Crew Leaders and Assistant Crew Leaders come planting day. We really need more trucks and drivers! If you can help, please contact Friends of Trees at (503) 282-8846 or email at
We could also use a large truck or several smaller ones to shovel mulch out of if anyone could help with that.