Dec 13th Land Use Committee Agenda

WNA Land Use Committee Meeting
Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 7PM
Basement of the Woodstock Community Center
All Woodstock residents welcome!


  • 7:00–7:20 — Marc Gaudin of The Joinery will present a master plan for extending the whole of The Joinery building out to SE Woodstock Blvd. This will necessitate applying for a zoning change from residential to commercial for one of the houses behind The Joinery on SE 49th (across from the library parking lot), in order to replace some of the parking in front of the current Joinery building.
    Marc will also discuss his pending acquisition of the former Lents Education Building (on Woodstock  Blvd across from the library) and plans for it to be transformed into a Healthy Foods Convenience Store—the first of a series of such stores being planned by Lisa Sedler, former CEO of New Seasons.
  • 7:20–7:50 — Neil Fernando, an engineer with Emerio Design, will provide information and answer questions about the proposed new subdivision on the block between SE Cesar Chavez and SE 40th Ave, SE Woodstock Blvd and SE Martinswill. Three of the historic homes on the property will remain, and one will be torn down. The plan also preserves two large copper beech trees, however there are a number of trees slated for removal. The builder/developer for the subdivision will Everett Homes, and they were unable to send a representative to this meeting, however Fernando will bring photographs showing the type of work done by Everett Homes, and you can also visit their website for examples ( We have posted a copy of the PDF application notice for this proposed subdivision on the Sustainable Woodstock website: download by clicking here.
  • 7:50–close — Brief summary of status and next steps in the Comprehensive Plan Process, as relayed through Matt Wickstrom, plus a quick report on a meeting on possible residential/commercial  rezoning with Matt Wickstrom and Tyler Bump, Angie Even and Gene Dieringer.