Land Use Committee Meets Wednesday

AGENDA = Housing Chapter of Portland Comprehensive Plan

WNA Land Use Committee Meeting
Wednesday, February 20 at 7:00pm
Woodstock Community Center (Upstairs!)

The focus of this LUC meeting is Chapter 2, the Housing chapter of the Working Draft of the City of Portland Comprehensive Plan. The “Comp Plan” has been a work in progress for some time, however there is now a real push to get it finished relatively quickly. A couple links to more information:

Michael Cerbone will lead us in an exercise and discussion to identify housing-related concerns in our neighborhood, to find out whether there are housing-related issues about which there is neighborhood consensus, and to ask ourselves whether there are concerns we have that are not addressed in the policy language of the Working Draft.

For anyone who wants to delve deeper, Chapter 5 of the working draft also addresses policies related to housing.

It’s worth mentioning, Policy 5.13d in the “Inner Neighborhoods” Section of the Working Draft states, “Consider repurposing street segments that are not critical for motor vehicle connectivity for other community purposes, such as open space and active transportation connections.” (Translation of “active transportation”: bicycling and walking.) Score one for the PSU Team and the Woodstock Neighborhood for the “Roadway not Improved” effort!

—Announcement submitted by WNA Land Use Chair, Terry Griffiths