October Meeting Highlights

Thanks to all who turned out to WNA’s October meeting on Wednesday the 2nd. Terry Griffiths (filling in for WNA Secretary Elizabeth Ussher-Groff) has submitted the draft meeting minutes. Here are some highlights:

Woodstock Librarian Carol Uhte reminded us that Halloween festivities will kick off with a reading of “Not So Spooky Stories” by the very popular former children’s librarian Joan Smith from 4:00-4:45pm on October 31. Click here to download the Woodstock Library’s latest events flyer.

Kevin Myers expressed gratitude for the all the volunteers who turned out to help with Reed College’s Community Day on September 21. Over 200 runners participated in the 5K run, a benefit for all neighborhood elementary schools. More great events coming up at Reed this fall, many of them free. Click here to visit Reed College events page.

Southside Swap and Play, a member-supported co-op for local families, is now up and running space at Our Lady of Sorrows, located at SE 52nd Ave. and Woodstock. Learn more and check out the indoor and outdoor play spaces and the swapping opportunities at an open house on Saturday, October 12 from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Michael Thomas and Berenice Kolber-Thomas have begun remodeling and renovating the former Mickey Finn’s location, and look forward to opening their brand new Fenders Moto Café and Brew Pub by the end of the month. Fenders’ kitchen will be overseen by an award-winning Oregon chef formerly employed by the Lake Oswego Country Club.

Terry Griffiths reminded WNA members that weekend volunteers will be needed for leaf raking at the community center in November, December, and the first part of January.

On the local development front, Land Use Chair Terry Griffiths reported that he application for a four-house subdivision with an additional four accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on SE 45th across from Lewis School has been withdrawn. At the LUC’s September meeting, developer Vic Remmers of Everett Custom Homes provided a progress report on the Gateway Block (southwest corner of SE Woodstock and SE Cesar Chavez) and touched on other developments in the neighborhood, including a planned, three-way lot-split that will require a zoning change for the property located at 3936 SE Reedway (at SE 40th). A pre-application conference on this project is slated for October 15, 2013.

Terry’s report also anticipated the imminent release of Working Draft Part 2 of Portland’s Comprehensive Plan. The committee intends to focus on three main issues that could be addressed by the Comp Plan: (a) development of Woodstock’s Main Street, (b) an overall plan for Woodstock’s unimproved streets, and (c) the design and impact of future infill housing development. WNA’s next Land Use Committee meeting is scheduled for October 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM at the Community Center.

Virginia Petersen gave a heads up on plans to schedule a series of emergency preparedness events, in collaboration with the area Neighborhood Emergency Team (or NET), and surrounding Southeast neighborhoods.

Woodstock Neighborhood’s Street Tree Inventory has now been completed. An October celebration for inventory volunteers will be followed by a Tree Inventory Summit on November 9th in St. Johns, the next step toward creating a Woodstock Neighborhood Tree Plan. For more information about future Woodstock Tree Team activities, contact WNA’s Tree Team leader Rick Faber at treewoodstock@gmail.com. (To find out about upcoming Friends of Trees plantings, click here.)

Kids and parents are invited to trick-or-treat their way along Woodstock’s business district on their way to WNA’s “Halloween Harvest” celebration on October 31 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM at the Woodstock Community Center. Highlights include munchies donated by local restaurants, free professional photo prints thanks to Michael Gary, simple games and activities for all ages, and a “Dutch raffle.” A local acoustic ensemble called “Status Crow” has been pulled together by Woodstock neighbor Les Szigethy especially for the occasion. Fiscal sponsorship has been granted by Southeast Uplift for the event, and the WNA Board voted to contribute $100 toward expenses. Flyer coming soon!

Becky Luening and Nicole Craigmiles are looking into the cost and logistics of distributing a print newsletter and will submit a proposal after more information has been collected.