SE Portland Showdown: Neighborhood Kickball Tourney!

Hats off to Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association for taking the lead on organizing this all-ages, all-for-fun kickball tournament for six Southeast neighborhoods with the help of a SE Uplift Creative Engagement Grant.

Woodstock kicks it off July 19th in Game #1 against Creston-Kenilworth.

This family-friendly tournament promises to be loads of fun. A $5 suggested donation per family or 18+ individual will go into a pot to be split 60/40 between competing teams’ neighborhood associations.

If you want to sign up to play on the Woodstock Neighborhood kickball team, please send us a message at, or sign up via the Game #1 event page on Facebook.


  • Game #1 – Woodstock v. Creston-Kenilworth
    Saturday, July 19th: Woodstock Park, 2-4pm
  • Game #2 – FoPo v. Lents
    Sunday, July 20th: Kern Park, 2-4pm
  • Game #3 – Winner (Woodstock/C-K) v. Brentwood-Darlington
    Saturday, July 26th: Brentwood Park, 2-4pm
  • Game #4 – Winner (FoPo/Lents) v. Mt. Scott-Arleta
    Saturday, July 26th: Lents Park, 2-4pm
  • Game #5 – Championship Playoff between Winners of Games 3 & 4
    Saturday, August 2nd: Mt. Scott Park, 2-4pm

The tournament concludes with an ice cream social (supplied by Salt & Straw!) at the Championship Game on August 2nd at Mt. Scott Park.

WANTED: Woodstock Kickball Team Captain!

“Don’t ask what your neighborhood can do for you, but what you can do for your neighborhood…”

The CAPTAIN role entails keeping track of sign-ups and helping coordinate players on the day of (July 19 plus possible playoffs on July 26 and Aug 2)), as well as any creative touches he or she might bring to the game.

Should we give our team a name? What about uniforms or team colors? Cheerleaders? Mascots? If you’re interested in volunteering to head up the Woodstock Kickball Team, or just want to help out, kick us an email at