Movies in the Park

MITP is part of Portland's "summer free for all" program
Hey neighbors! It’s time to start thinking about what we would like to screen at our annual Woodstock summer event, Movies in the Park!

If you aren’t familiar with Movies in the Park it’s a free annual event during the summer where we show a movie at Woodstock park on a giant screen — it’s a lot of fun!


Thank you for all the votes! Great suggestions everyone, including a movie we showed last year 🙂 After tallying all the votes from the website poll, Nextdoor, the Facebook page, here are the movies we will be requesting from Parks:
1. The Boxtrolls
2. The Never Ending Story
3. Guardians of the Galaxy

Thanks again to all Woodstock neighbors for weighing in. We will let everyone know, as soon as we hear back from Parks, the final word on movie and date for Woodstock’s Movie in the Park event. Many thanks to Elisa for taking the lead on organizing, and we look forward to seeing you all at the park later this summer!

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