Time Sensitive Discussion: Help determine Woodstock’s Comp Plan testimony

Attendees of Woodstock’s March neighborhood association meeting — Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 7pm at the Woodstock Community Center — will be asked to consider and discuss the message(s) we as a neighborhood want to convey in testimony submitted to the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability for the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update.

The deadline for public comment on the Proposed Draft of Portland’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan is March 13, 2015. In addition to WNA testimony, individuals are strongly encouraged to submit their own comments. For more information about the city’s comprehensive plan update process and how you can weigh in, visit http://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/57352

Woodstock Neighborhood is likely to change significantly in the next 20 years. Big changes are already underway, in both the residential and commercial parts of our neighborhood. Our discussion Wednesday will focus on Woodstock Boulevard, and will be informed partly by discussions begun at October’s Woodstock Visioning/Charrette, in which many neighbors participated.

The green dots on the map below (click on the image to download a large-sized PDF of the map) indicate properties adjacent to Woodstock Boulevard for which zone changes are being requested — changes from Residential use to Commercial Mixed Use. Mixed Use can mean high-density residential or commercial uses, or a mix of both.

map graphicProposed zoning changes for the green-dot-designated properties shown on this map have been discussed in WNA Land Use Committee meetings and were also displayed and reviewed at the Woodstock Charrette. (Properties with blue dots have been proposed for zone changes by the property owners, but have not had similar exposure and review by neighbors.)

A new and very recent proposal that was brought up in the February Land Use Committee meeting is to change ALL the zoning in the entire block between SE Woodstock and SE Martins, from SE 41st Avenue to SE 49th Avenue, from Residential to Mixed-Use Commercial Zoning. Such a proposal would be accompanied by a request for the strongest possible constraints that would allow neighborhood guidance and oversight in the design of future development.

Final citywide decisions on zoning and land use policies are coming on fast. Come to the March 4th WNA meeting if you want to help influence the direction of WNA testimony.

2 Comments on “Time Sensitive Discussion: Help determine Woodstock’s Comp Plan testimony”

  1. De Ann Pierce

    I was just curious about what the buildings are becoming that were once, the little gas station used in Free Willy, and the old Mikes Auto supply stores on 52nd and Woodstock. I am excited to see those areas becoming used again.

    1. becky Post author

      I agree, it is exciting to see new developments coming to that intersection. We had heard a rumor that Limbo, the fruit & vegetable seller that used to be next to TJs, was coming into the little gas station property, but since then a new “for lease” sign has appeared, so that deal appears to be in limbo…. As for the Mike’s Auto supply site, you know as much as I do at this point, De Ann — keep your eyes peeled! ~Becky Luening, WNA Chair