Sewer Repair Project: Street drilling starts July 5

Over about two weeks beginning Tuesday, July 5, city crews will drill holes in streets and take soil, rock and pavement samples to help plan next year’s sewer repairs. You are forgiven for retorting that our streets already have enough holes. 😉

Within the Woodstock neighborhood boundary, locations include:

  • SE 47th at SE Martins
  • SE 48th between Carlton and Martins
  • SE 48th between Carlton and Tolman

See the city’s flier for all sampling locations, including within Mt. Scott-Arleta.

Work at each location will last approximately a half day, on a weekday, no earlier than 7 a.m. and no later than 6 p.m. Watch for temporary lane restrictions and on-street parking closures on both sides of the street. Flaggers will maintain traffic flow in one direction at a time, but sidewalks will remain open. Expect brief periods of noise, dust and vibration.

The holes will be a few inches in diameter and will be filled immediately after drilling. Crews will also dig two test pits, each measuring four feet square. The pits will be repaved with asphalt once the work is completed.

The city is designing a project to repair or replace approximately 5,600 feet, or nearly one mile, of public sewer pipes in Mt. Scott-Arleta and Woodstock. Most of the sewer pipes are more than 85 years old and in deteriorating condition. Construction is expected to begin in summer of 2017 and take about a year.

For more, consider attending the August 3 Woodstock Neighborhood Association meeting, where the city is scheduled to make a presentation.

Also see the city’s project map (reproduced below) and/or sign up for email updates straight from the city’s Bureau of Environmental Services.