Toxic air: A Woodstock-specific update

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As you’ve probably heard, the U.S. Forest Service measured Portland moss samples in 2013 and found some locations with high levels of toxic elements. More details released earlier in June indicate that two locations within the Woodstock neighborhood boundary are among the top eight for nickel and cadmium — but they have not been characterized by the DEQ as within the top tier of four locations with the most discouraging results.

Both Woodstock locations are along SE 41st Avenue between Woodstock Boulevard and Carlton Street. It may be important to note that while the state’s messaging indicated just one “hotspot” within Woodstock, the federal U.S. Forest Service results map now indicates two.

Although the Woodstock locations are not considered the worst, one way of reading the map data is that they could be the northernmost fallout from Precision Castparts near Johnson Creek. The Woodstock Neighborhood Association board will keep an eye on how the Precision Castparts saga unfolds, and so should you. Visit the South Portland Air Quality (SPAQ) Facebook page.