Have your say, but hurry!

Click this graph to take the Woodstock Neighborhood Survey.

Time is running out on opportunities to have your say in how our city and our neighborhood take shape over the next few years. For best results, get informed and register complaints now (not later) in these three venues:

1. Central City 2035 (transportation)

Do you live in Woodstock and work downtown? Or maybe you frequently trek downtown for other reasons. Either way, the next 20 years of downtown transportation projects will affect you.

The city’s draft plan has now moved from “discussion” to “proposed.” Public testimony will be considered on August 9. If you care to get informed and say your piece, now’s the time. Use the city’s Map App to see the planned projects and contribute your comments.

2. Residential Infill Project (housing)

This project’s proposals could alter residential housing over a large area of Portland, including Woodstock. It’s a mixed bag of good and bad news for both developers and residents: It could lead to more houses being demolished and replaced, but may also encourage more dwellings of a smaller scale in square feet and/or price. The proposals will affect our quality of life — so it’s up to all Woodstockians to inform themselves and add insightful comments to the process before the August 15 deadline. And if infill housing really gets you going, consider this opportunity to serve on the city’s Design Commission.

3. Neighborhood Survey

What’s important to you about Woodstock? Help your neighborhood association figure out how to best apply limited time and resources. Take the survey (about five minutes) by August 15 or see the constantly updated results.