Marked crosswalk at Trader Joe’s? That and more at land-use meeting, Oct. 19

TJLand Use Committee meeting
7 — 8:30 p.m., Wednesday, October 19
Woodstock Community Center
5905 SE 43rd Ave.

Savvy Oregon drivers know that state law makes every intersection a crosswalk, whether marked or not. But circumstances often call for a more formal treatment — the familiar zebra stripes, for a start. Does the Schiller/Chavez intersection at Trader Joe’s qualify? Come hear the discussion and maybe even contribute to it, this coming Wednesday.

Also on the docket (see the agenda): an update about the city’s Residential Infill Project draft proposal, which currently includes an aspect that could increase Woodstock’s pace of demolitions and lot divisions, with subsequently more construction on narrow lots even in R5 zones.


5 Comments on “Marked crosswalk at Trader Joe’s? That and more at land-use meeting, Oct. 19”

  1. Alison

    Well, I worked at that Trader Joe’s for almost 11 years. And 15 years before that, I worked there when it was Food Valu and Morrows Market.
    There is an apartment complex directly across the street and lots of people walk there from east of 39th. When you exit the lot from the Schiller (south) end, the road has an incline (to the north) that makes ut hard to see uf anyone is coming. There’s a curve past Schiller. So its tricky. You have to make sure nobody is coming from east or west on Schiller, and from the north and south in 39th, and from the north end of TJs lot, and the Holgate House lot, from the apartments across the street too! Yes!!! For the love of God, it needs a cross walk! Just sayin

  2. Mollie Frey

    I would like to suggest an additional traffic calming idea. If the city would make the right lane southbound a right turn only at Holgate and Chavez, that would eliminate the hot doggers who race ahead in the right lane across Holgate to crowd into the left lane. I believe this is the biggest risk to pedestrians who would be trying to cross Chavez at Schiller. People in the southbound left lane could easily switch to the remaining right lane and turn into Holgate House or Trader Joe’s before the right lane ends at Schiller. I also think that this crosswalk should have flashing lights similar to the Foster and 82nd crossing by Fred Meyer.

  3. Patty

    Those of us who live on Schiller watch the parade of shoppers to and from Trader Joe’s and realize that the crossing is as inevitable as it is inconvenient and downright dangerous.

  4. Christopher Draus

    Trader Joe’s needs to have only one driveway connecting to 39th. A well marked intersection and cross walk. Perhaps right in the middle/front side, of the store, crossing East , across 39th. Maybe another driveway at Schiller, near 38th?

    Trader Joe’s 2 driveways, on 39th, are perhaps the real problems here.