Time for Neighborhood Elections!

The Woodstock Neighborhood Association annual board election is just one week away! Voting takes place in person at our regularly scheduled monthly meeting, Wednesday, June 7, at 7:00pm, at the Woodstock Community Center.

Everyone in the neighborhood—that is, people who live, work, rent, or own property or a business in Woodstock—is eligible to vote, but you must show up at the June 7th meeting in order to cast your vote. None of the positions are contended, so far, but we do have a few empty seats, and all positions will be voted on, even if the person who is currently serving has volunteered to serve another year.

We invite all Woodstockians to consider becoming involved in WNA as a way to build community and help make a great neighborhood ever greater….! Follow our blogs, from now until election night, to learn more about the WNA, this election, and the empty positions we hope to fill. Nominations for all of the following positions will be accepted until the vote takes place on June 7th.

  • WNA Chair
  • WNA Vice Chair
  • WNA Treasurer
  • WNA Secretary
  • Land Use Committee Chair
  • Friends of the Woodstock Community Center Chair
  • Friends of the Woodstock Community Center Financial Manager
  • Events Committee Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Area 1 Representative
  • Area 2 Representative
  • Area 3 Representative
  • Area 4 Representative
  • Area 5 Representative