Hypertufa for the Woodstock Plant Sale

Seven Woodstock neighbors recently kicked off preparations for the annual Woodstock Neighborhood plant sale by holding a hypertufa work party. Drinking hot cider and sharing conversation over a couple of hours, they crafted the hypertufa plant pots that will hold Shelly Keach’s beautiful miniature sedum gardens, a popular Mother’s Day gift sold at the plant sale. This year’s sale is on May 12th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Woodstock Community Center, 5905 SE 43rd Avenue in Portland.

What is hypertufa? It is equal parts Portland cement, perlite, and peat moss, mixed with water, then pressed into molds.

We’re looking for a variety of sedums to put in these pots. If you have some to donate, please get in touch with Terry Griffiths at 503-771-0011 or Sandy Profeta at 503-771-7724.


Hypertufa Mix


The Finished Pots


Sedums in Pots