WNA January General Meeting – Special Presenter!

Want to know more about aging in place within a community of helping neighbors? Come hear a presentation by Eastside Village!

A representative of Eastside Village will present information at our upcoming General Meeting.

Eastside Village is an interdependent, intergenerational community of neighbors helping neighbors. Its members are individuals and couples who prefer staying in their homes and neighborhoods rather than moving into retirement communities.
However, the Village is not just for those near or already into retirement. It’s for people of all ages who value being part of Portland’s eastside community and want to strengthen their link to it, including through volunteering.
Membership is open to all residents of this area age 18 and older, to include people with disabilities who are not yet seniors. Initial outreach for Eastside Village was made possible in part through grant funding from the City of Portland and SE Uplift’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program. Eastside Village is a program of Villages NW, a nonprofit organization.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

7-8:30 PM

Woodstock Community Center, 5905 SE 43rd Ave.