Outreach & Communications

Outreach & Communications is the new name for what we used to call the Media Committee. It is not the kind of committee that has regular meetings, but there are a lot of moving parts handled by a variety of volunteers who interact at board meetings and via email to keep communications flowing.

Kenny Heggem, formerly Media Committee chair, heads up the Outreach part of this committee. He works at the bike gallery and lives close in to the commercial district, so is a familiar face on Woodstock and does a lot of face-to-face networking, as well as social networking via the Facebook page Woodstock Portland Oregon. The interface of this “Friend” page allows neighbors to post directly and initiate conversations with other friends on the page. Kenny headed up the team that brought us the Woodstock Mural which is currently on the west side of the Red Fox Vintage building, soon to be relocated (repainted on panels) to the west side of the new New Seasons market.

Chris Tarwater, WNA Webmaster, heads up the Communications part of this committee. Besides keeping the website running smoothly, he keeps an overview of all the various aspects of WNA communications, and who’s doing what. These pieces include the monthly email blast, the blog, calendar updates, maintaining our official social media presence via Facebook and Twitter, and posting events and monitoring neighborhood news on Nextdoor.com.

Outreach & Communications works closely with WNA’s Events & Fundraising committee to promote special events and coordinate “branding” giveaways such as bumper stickers, lawn signs, magnets, as well as sales of t-shirts.

Help Wanted! The Outreach & Communications Committee is currently looking for bloggers to contribute to ongoing web communications. We also need someone to tweet on our behalf! Please contact us at info@woodstockpdx.org to get involved.