Minutes of Chinese Presbyterian Church Development Meeting

Attendees: Tim O’Brien (Urban Asset Advisors), Jenny Jenkins (Urban Asset Advisors), Annie Carlton (Urban Asset Advisors), Peter Grimm (S|EA), Tom Byrne (S|EA), Melissa Ehn (S|EA), JP Spearman (S|EA), Brett W Scott, Deirdre Beardmore-Thompson, Elizabeth Ussher Groff, Ethan Ott, Janette Silberman, Jeanne Anderson, Kerry Ryan, Kevin, Monica Goldner, Patricia Matheny, Terry Griffiths, Thatch Moyle, Suzanne Bader, Kerry Ryan, Jeanne. Woodstock community

Introduction and Project Overview:

Neighborhood Comments and Concerns:

Peter Grimm introduced the Scott Edwards Architecture (S|EA) design team and Tim O’Brien of Urban Asset Advisors (UAA). Tim O’Brien gave introduction and general overview of UAA’s work and interest in the Woodstock neighborhood. Peter Grimm gave an overview of the site zoning and neighborhood context. Presents how the neighborhood’s architectural character and massing influences the proposed building and site design. Tom Byrne presents the site plan, floor plans, elevations and model views in greater detail and depth to show why design decisions had been made.

How will parking be addressed?
S|EA explained how and why parking is not required to be included in the project proposal and reviewed bike parking requirements and its implementation. The neighbor to the north of the proposed project expressed that they welcomed residents parking out on the street. Suggested that the increased in residents parking would push out transient parking which brings crime to the neighborhood. Neighbor suggested supplying public trash / dog waste receptacles.

Will there be more low-income housing?
UAA Answered that they have opted for the lower income choice so 8% of units at 60% of median income.

Do you have a breakdown of units?
S|EA gave break down of unit counts. 84 total units with (42) studios, (33) 1-beds, (6) 2-beds and (4) 3-bed units
What are the floor heights?
S|EA talked through the proposed floor heights and design decisions that lead to them.

Does the proposal relate to the design of the future church which is supposed to build on the adjacent lot?
S|EA showed how they hoped the new church design would use the projects proposed courtyard to mirror open green space, but no conversations have taken place.

Has UAA completed comparable projects they would be able to share with the attendees?
UAA shared comparable projects they’ve completed including; Multnomah Village Apartments- Multnomah Station Apartments, Theory 33 Apartments, and Abernethy Flats.

When will demo happen relative to the construction and what is the construction schedule?
UAA answered they are hoping for groundbreaking March / April of 2021 with an estimated 14 months of construction time. Demo is scheduled after the beginning of the year. The goal is to move right into construction after demo.

Who does the neighbor to the north contact for shared maintenance at north property line prior to construction?
UAA answered that the church should be used as a contact until the start of
construction and then UAA will be the main contact.

Does the project proposal include keeping the large Douglas Fir at the NE corner of the property?
S|EA explained the reason for needing to cut down the large Douglas Fir tree due to potential damage and how they are looking for opportunities to reuse the tree. S|EA also reviewed the planting plan, showing where new trees are being proposed.

Where is the trash area and will people be able to dumpster dive?
S|EA answered by showing where the interior trash room is located and
assured that the room is meant to be secure.

The neighbor to the north of the property asked if the line of arborvitae at the shared property line will be removed?
UAA answered that the existing landscaping on the neighbor’s property will not be removed and that UAA wants to maintain the landscaping at the north end of the property as much as they can.

Does the “retail” exclude restaurants? Could one or both spaces host a restaurant?
UAA answered although nothing on retail is excluded at this point, they are targeting light retail which could be a café or coffee shop, nothing with heavy food prep, as the spaces are not sized for that.

Neighbor to north commented that arborvitae at the north property line had been caught on fire by homeless. They love the idea of the green screen and are fine without a fence, but may want a different kind of green screen.
UAA answered that they would let the design team know of the condition at the shared north property line.

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