WANTED: Co-creators of the best neighborhood possible!

2012-13 WNA Nominations (so far)

Nominate yourself, or a friend, for one of the following positions. You may also nominate to be an “understudy” for any of these positions, and be ready to hit the ground running in 2014. Nominations may be made as late as election night, June 5th. For more information about any of these volunteer opportunities, please email info@woodstockpdx.org.

Becky Luening
Vice Chair:
Elizabeth Ussher Groff
Michael Chacon
Coalition Rep:
Moshe Lenske
What’s Up E-News Editor:
OPEN (training available)
Web Administrator:
KD Henderson

Area 1 – OPEN
Area 2 – Ann Crowder
Area 3 – Jan Elliott
Area 4 – Virginia Petersen
Area 5 – OPEN

Land Use:
Terry Griffiths
Friends of the Woodstock Community Center:
Lonnie Port
Kenny Heggem
Becky Luening

(Whether or not you are ready to take on a leadership position, all of these committees warmly welcome your participation.) 

Land Use Committee meets Wednesday, May 15

WNA Land Use Committee Meeting
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 – 7:00 PM
Upstairs at the Woodstock Community Center
5905 SE 43rd Ave., Portland

Tentative Agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. Vic Remmers of Everett Custom Homes will present a project update on the development of the “gateway” block at the southeast corner of 39th (Cesar Chavez) and Woodstock.*
  3. Comprehensive Plan update on timeline (pending information from Matt Wickstrom, SE District Liaison at BPS).
  4. Woodstock as Neighborhood Center: Do we already have the capacity for 3,500 households w/in half-mile radius of the neighborhood “core,” as per 55.22.e of the Working Draft of the Comp Plan? Michael Cerbone will present his research on the number of households that currently exist, and how many can be accommodated, within a half-mile radius of the Woodstock Village Center.
  5. Determine neighborhood representation at City of Portland District Mapping Conversation and Discussion. This is a two-part discussion scheduled for Saturday, June 1 AND Saturday June 22. Both meetings are scheduled to take place at SE Uplift from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
  6. Discussion of WNA Land Use Committee’s comments on the Comprehensive Plan Working Draft. Terry Griffiths and Michael Cerbone will present draft comments based on past LUC discussions and backed up with feedback obtained from the April 3rd Woodstock Visioning session.
  7. Set June meeting date.

*As most of you have probably already noticed, there are “For Sale” signs on the two historic houses in the Gateway Block facing Woodstock Boulevard. I called Vic Remmers last week to inquire about that. He said that he would prefer to sell those houses to someone with an interest in restoring or remodeling them, since his company “isn’t really in the business of remodeling.” The current line is that if the houses don’t sell w/in 30 days, Everett Homes NW will remodel or restore them themselves. This is notably different from what we were told in December. Remmers will have no more 20-30 minutes on our agenda, but for those who are interested in continuing a conversation with him, they can break out to do that downstairs or in the front entry area.

Terry Griffiths, Land Use Committee Chair

Plant Sale Coming Soon!

Woodstock Neighborhood Association


a benefit for Friends of the

Woodstock Community Center



at the 

Woodstock Community Center

5905 SE 43rd Ave., Portland

{the day BEFORE Mother’s Day}

FWCC Volunteers: We appreciate you!

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the four volunteers who have been faithfully holding up our end of the Woodstock Community Center’s partnership agreement with Portland Parks and Recreation—the agreement that ensures our small neighborhood center is maintained and keeps its doors open for our community’s use.

Lonnie Port, Terry Griffiths, Ann Crowder and Elizabeth Groff have carried out our part of this agreement, including fundraising to cover cleaning and maintenance costs, for at least ten years, as the core members of the committee known as Friends of the Woodstock Community Center or simply FWCC. They have established a great working relationship with city staff and figuring out how best to manage the center, and are now looking to recruit new volunteers to the committee to continue and build on that groundwork.

This blog post was spurred by my discovery that our WCC “Friends” received special recognition this past week when Southeast Uplift featured an article about FWCC’s annual plant sale as part of their 2013 Seeds of SE Uplift volunteer appreciation program. The attention and appreciation is very much deserved!

You can help celebrate the work of these star volunteers and support the FWCC by coming out for the May 11th plant sale, 9am to 3pm at the Woodstock Community Center. Be sure to tell your neighbors about it too, and share the announcement via your social networks. The “Friends” and I look forward to seeing you there!

—Becky Luening, WNA Co-chair

Neighborhood Meeting, Wednesday, May 1st!

That’s right: We’re meeting tomorrow night! 

Meet at the Woodstock Community Center, 5905 SE 43rd Ave, at 7:00 PM

The May meeting agenda includes all the usual neighborhood reports plus:

  • last-minute planning for the May 11th plant sale benefitting FWCC
  • planning for the June 5th WNA Board Election*
  • ideas for WNA participation a Woodstock sidewalk sale event this summer

The Sustainability Committee meeting at 6:00, is dedicated to Tree Team business, as we prepare for our summer Woodstock Tree Inventory.

Interested in continuing conversations or refining ideas floated at the April 3rd Visioning?  Arrive at the Woodstock Community Center by 6:30 for a half-hour of face-to-face social networking. Topics to be determined by whomever shows up….Did someone say Oktoberfest?

*Article VI, Section 4 of WNA’s Bylaws spell out the duties of our board member positions. At the June election we will also vote on proposed bylaws changes, clarifying what WNA’s general members may vote on. View the proposed changes here.

Remembering Dee Auld (04.14.1920 to 02.06.2013)

A memorial service will be held at Moreland Presbyterian Church on April 7 at 1:30 p.m. for Dolores “Dee” Auld, one-time active participant in the Woodstock Neighborhood Association. Interment has already taken place, at Willamette National Cemetery. Memorial donations may be sent to Leach Botanical Garden, PO Box 90667, Portland, OR 97290-0667.

Read Dee’s Obituary, published in The Oregonian on February 17, 2013

[Thanks to Moshe Lenske for letting us know about Dee’s memorial.]

WNA Meets Wednesday, March 6

Please join us for the next Woodstock Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM. The general meeting usually goes until about 8:30.

The WNA Board meets immediately following the general meeting, after a brief break; the Sustainability Committee meets before the general meeting, at 6:00 PM.

LOCATION: Woodstock Community Center, 5905 SE 43rd Avenue

The agenda for the general meeting is available as a downloadable PDF. Here are some highlights:

  • Neighborhood Reports: Police/crime prevention, Woodstock Library, Reed College
  • Guest Presentation: Craig Vanderbout, Director of the Mt. Scott and Woodstock Community Centers (Portland Parks & Recreation), will speak about renewal of the partnership agreement that began 10 years ago between PP&R and WNA, overseen by Friends of the Woodstock Community Center (FWCC), a committee of the WNA
  • WNA Committee Reports: Land Use Committee – Michael Cerbone will present preliminary feedback on the city’s Comp Plan Draft
  • Other Business: A special vote on adding Ann Crowder to the WNA Board as Area 2 Representative*

*Area Representative is a board position created to ensure equal representation for each part of the Woodstock neighborhood. The neighborhood is divided into five geographic sections and Area Representatives are designated to represent the views and interests of their respective areas on neighborhood association issues and to attend and vote at board meetings. Area reps often help with general WNA projects of their choosing and may also take the lead on community-building activities specific to their area, such as a summer block party, or local organizing around crime prevention or emergency preparedness.

WANTED: Area Representative for Area 1, the section bordered by Holgate and Steele (north and south) and 52nd & Cesar Chavez (east and west).

Dig and Delve, Divide and Conquer

Donations Sought for Annual Plant Sale 
(to Support the Woodstock Community Center)

The 20-year tradition of Woodstock Neighborhood Association’s pre–Mothers Day Plant Sale continues this year, Saturday, May 11, 2013.

Initially the Plant Sale underwrote a variety of neighborhood projects, but, in recent years, all of the proceeds have been needed to support the Partnership Agreement between Portland Parks and Recreation and the Woodstock Neighborhood Association (WNA).* The Agreement enables the Woodstock Community Center (WCC) to remain open and active by turning over the responsibility for routine maintenance of the Center to the WNA. Funds from the Plant Sale help to pay for custodial services and supplies, chemicals for the boiler, and for minor expenses associated with the grounds.

*At the March WNA Meeting, Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM at the WCC, Craig Vanderbout, Director of the Mt. Scott and Woodstock Community Centers, will talk about the partnership that began ten years ago between Portland Parks & Recreation and the Woodstock Neighborhood Association (overseen by our Friends of the Woodstock Community Center, a committee of the Woodstock Neighborhood Association). Both parties intend to renew the partnership agreement for another five years. Craig used the center as a youth when he lived in the neighborhood and has an interesting perspective on this valuable partnership and its meaning for the community. 

Most of the plants in the sale are donated by generous gardeners from our community. Gardeners may pot up divided perennials or seedlings that have volunteered from plantings of previous years. Sometimes, as gardens are being redesigned, people contribute plants they have decided to replace. Plants available usually include many varieties of perennials, vegetable starts, herbs, native plants, ground covers, grasses, houseplants, and small trees and shrubs.

Potted contributions for the sale can be dropped off at the Woodstock Community Center, 5905 SE 43rd, on Friday, May 10th, between noon and 7:00 PM. Anyone who needs empty pots or an earlier drop-off time should call Terry Griffiths at 503-771-0011 or email treeterry (at) yahoo (dot) com.

This year a small group of volunteers is working on creating hyper-tufa planters for the sale. We are in need of Sedums and other appropriate plants to fill those pots as soon as we can get them. If you have Sedums that have spread enough to share, please contact Terry (above) and she will send a small posse out to collect them.