Two Great Woodstock Farmer’s Market Events!

Woodstock Farmers Market’s Halloween Carnival
October 26
10:00am – 2:00pm
4600 SE Woodstock Blvd (KeyBank parking lot)
Cost: Free
Ages: All

Join the popular Woodstock Farmers Market for our third annual Halloween Carnival. Bring the whole family for live music from Tallulah’s Daddy, face painting, trick-or-treating with vendors and neighborhood businesses, crafts, a toddler playground, and more! There will also be fresh produce, meat, cheese, hot food, and more from the 35+ vendors.

Woodstock Farmers Market’s Pre-Thanksgiving Harvest Market
November 23
10:00am – 2:00pm
4600 SE Woodstock Blvd (KeyBank parking lot)
Cost: Free
Ages: All

Join the popular Woodstock Farmers Market for our third annual Pre-Thanksgiving Harvest Market. Shop for ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast and stock up for the winter. There will also be live music and activities for kids. Find out what vendors will be there on our website,

Neighborhood Nap Day

Saturday Sept. 6th, 2–6 pm
SE Reedway–Ramona Alley, between 57th and 60th
How often do you get time to think and daydream? Yet, arguably, idleness — and the time it affords one to reset and think — is critical for a democratic society. In this effort to “distribute leisure” to our neighbors, you are invited to participate in Community Nap Day. The alleys of SE Portland — these little slices of lazy wilderness that cut through our hood —  offer a unique backdrop for our reveries.
Hammocks, forts and other sleeping spots will be provided for napping but bringing/making your own is also encouraged.
Sleeping starts at 2pm and will be done in shifts until 6pm. In between naps, talk with neighbors about your thoughts on our neighborhood; provocative ideas; their gardens; or the weather.

Represent Historic Landmark Preservation – July 31, 2014 at 2pm!

The Portland Historic Landmarks Commission (PHLC) will be presenting their State of the City Preservation Report 2014 to City Council July 31st. A key priority for the PHLC and focus of the presentation will be protection and prevention of loss in our residential neighborhoods. Several organizations and individuals will be testifying regarding the demolition epidemic and related historic preservation issues. The public is encouraged to attend and show their support and numbers. Please help us make an impact!
Thursday, July 31, 2014
City Hall, 1221 SW Fourth Avenue, Council Chambers
State of the City Preservation Report at 2:00 pm
State of the City Design Report at 2:45 pm


Note: The Commission is hoping that a lot of people will attend this, even if they are not designated speakers, so that the City Council can see a big crowd of concerned citizens filling the room.  The Landmarks Commission might ask for the people who are there specifically because they are concerned about demolitions to stand up, or something along those lines, to reinforce the message to City Council.

SE Portland Showdown: Neighborhood Kickball Tourney!

Hats off to Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association for taking the lead on organizing this all-ages, all-for-fun kickball tournament for six Southeast neighborhoods with the help of a SE Uplift Creative Engagement Grant.

Woodstock kicks it off July 19th in Game #1 against Creston-Kenilworth.

This family-friendly tournament promises to be loads of fun. A $5 suggested donation per family or 18+ individual will go into a pot to be split 60/40 between competing teams’ neighborhood associations.

If you want to sign up to play on the Woodstock Neighborhood kickball team, please send us a message at, or sign up via the Game #1 event page on Facebook.


  • Game #1 – Woodstock v. Creston-Kenilworth
    Saturday, July 19th: Woodstock Park, 2-4pm
  • Game #2 – FoPo v. Lents
    Sunday, July 20th: Kern Park, 2-4pm
  • Game #3 – Winner (Woodstock/C-K) v. Brentwood-Darlington
    Saturday, July 26th: Brentwood Park, 2-4pm
  • Game #4 – Winner (FoPo/Lents) v. Mt. Scott-Arleta
    Saturday, July 26th: Lents Park, 2-4pm
  • Game #5 – Championship Playoff between Winners of Games 3 & 4
    Saturday, August 2nd: Mt. Scott Park, 2-4pm

The tournament concludes with an ice cream social (supplied by Salt & Straw!) at the Championship Game on August 2nd at Mt. Scott Park.

WANTED: Woodstock Kickball Team Captain!

“Don’t ask what your neighborhood can do for you, but what you can do for your neighborhood…”

The CAPTAIN role entails keeping track of sign-ups and helping coordinate players on the day of (July 19 plus possible playoffs on July 26 and Aug 2)), as well as any creative touches he or she might bring to the game.

Should we give our team a name? What about uniforms or team colors? Cheerleaders? Mascots? If you’re interested in volunteering to head up the Woodstock Kickball Team, or just want to help out, kick us an email at

What’s going on? C’mon out on July 2nd and find out.

7:00 pm at the Woodstock Community Center
(Doors open at 6:30 for pre-meeting socializing) 

WNA’s general meeting, held once monthly on the first Wednesday of each month, is a great place to meet people, find out what’s going on in Woodstock, and how you can help make your neighborhood one of the best places in the world to live!

The July meeting agenda includes a brief update from Rich Newlands on the status of the 20s Bikeway Project, which will be routed along Crystal Springs Boulevard, the southernmost border of Woodstock.

There will be another brief overview about the “Woodstock Charrette,” an intensive, four-day community design process focused on our commercial strip, which is set for Oct. 16, 17, 18 & 20. WNA will be planning some activities in the near future to raise the funds for our contribution to the charrette.

We will also hear from a neighbor who has been experiencing problems at Woodstock Park related to dog owners letting dogs wander outside the defined off-leash area. Come on out and take part in the conversation!

For more information, send an email WNA Chair Becky Luening at

P.S. We’re looking for a captain to head up our kickball team, as Woodstock is set to play Creston-Kenilworth on July 19th in the GAME #1 of the neighborhood kickball tournament organized by Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association. (Read more about the tournament in a separate blog post.)

Woodstock Land Use Update

A message from Land Use Chair, Terry Griffiths:

Next WNA Land Use Committee meeting
Wednesday at 7:00 PM
Woodstock Community Center
5905 SE 43rd Ave at Knight

• The hearing on the zone change/lot partition for 3936 SE Reedway is scheduled for 9:00 AM on May 28th, at 1900 SW Fourth, Suite 3000. Rachel Whiteside has now written her staff report. She is recommending approval. (So much for our arguments in opposition.) Rachel’s report can be found by going to It is some 25 pages long(!). We are going to need to strategize about how we want to handle this. Some people from the Eastmoreland board have indicated a willingness to help.

• There is a very interesting land use case at 3925 SE Lexington. We have until May 23rd to comment.

• On April 25, Mary Kay Tetrault, Becky Luening, Patti Lewis, Doug Strickler, and I took a  walk through the neighborhood with Marty Stockton (SE District Liaison with Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability), first looking at the area surrounding 3936 SE Reedway and then continuing through the unimproved streets up to SE 49 and Martins. (Patti wanted Marty to visualize the half block behind The Joinery that will be proposed to be designated commercial in the Comp Plan Map coming out in mid-July.) The walk-thorough convinced Marty that the one block stretch along SE Chavez from Reedway north to a half block north of Harold should be down-zoned from designated R2.5 to R5. That will be proposed with the map that comes out in mid-July. Also, as a result of the walk-through, Marty has a rather radical new concept for commercial zoning along SE Woodstock from SE 50th through the intersection at SE 52nd. We all should be paying serious attention to what is being considered there.

• In addition to the above, there continue to be be plans being made for a Charette — an inclusive, intensive community design process focusing on Woodstock’s commercial village — tentatively scheduled for October. Stay tuned for details.

In short, there will be more than enough to discuss on Wednesday. We hope many of you can make it.


Worth a Thousand Words

Shelly Keach fills hypertufa pots with sedums for the annual Woodstock Plant Sale. These sold out in record time last year… Perhaps the fact that the sale falls on the day before Mothers Day has something to do with that.

May 7th Meeting is Annual WNA Board Election

We’re lining up some extra goodies to entice neighbors to our May 7th neighborhood meeting…Thank you Cloud City!

Doors open at 6:00 pm. Feel free to come for the social hour, even if you can’t stay for the meeting, which starts at 7:00.

This is the time of year we traditionally elect or re-elect the volunteers who make up the Woodstock Neighborhood Association Board—the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Area Reps (from the five different sections of Woodstock neighborhood), and Committee Chairs.

Interested in getting your hands dirty and being a part of the month-to-month decision making? Then board or committee service might be for you. Feel free to join in the conversation at our May 7th meeting and ask questions of current board members. Or, if you’re ready to get to work, step on up and offer to fill one of our vacant seats—we’d love to have you on the board! Even if you’re not ready to join our board, just by showing up and participating in the election process, you can gain a sense of who we are and what we do, and how you might plug in.

So Who’s Running?
Here are the people who have put their names in (so far) to fill the following WNA Board positions for the next year: 

Chair: Becky Luening
Vice Chair: Elisa Edgington
Secretary: Nicole Craigmiles
Treasurer: Merrilee Spence
SE Neighborhood Coalition Rep: Moshe Lenske

Area Representatives: These folks represent the five defined Areas of Woodstock Neighborhood. (Our neighborhood is quite large, with almost 4,000 mailing addresses within our boundaries!) Basically, Area Reps are encouraged to attend monthly WNA meetings, bring issues to our attention that may be specific to their section of the neighborhood, and generally serve as a “connector” between neighbors. Currently serving [not sure yet if all these individuals will continue after May 7th, but WNA allows more than one person to serve in this role]:

  • Area 1 – Nicole Craigmiles
  • Area 2 – Ann Crowder and Scott Smith
  • Area 3 – Jan Elliott and Dan Chin
  • Area 4 – Virginia Petersen
  • Area 5 – Jacky Jarrahzedah

Committee Chairs:  In addition to the administrative roles involved in keeping an organization together, a whole lot of stuff is accomplished in committees, and committee chairs are responsible for steering that work—convening committee meetings, participating with the WNA board, and helping broadcast information to the wider neighborhood.

  • Land Use – OPEN (Terry Griffiths currently serving) 
  • Friends of the Woodstock Community Center – Lonnie Port (new members wanted)
  • Outreach and Communications – Kenny Heggem
  • Sustainability Committee – OPEN (Becky Luening currently serving)

You don’t have to be elected to get in on the action. We count on neighborhood volunteers to jump in and help, whether for a one-time project or event, or ongoing committee work. Here’s a brief description of WNA committees:

  • Friends of the Woodstock Community Center works to keep the community center open and maintained and ensures WNA’s compliance with the partnership agreement WNA has with Portland Parks and Recreation (a successful relationship now in its 11th year). The WNA’s annual plant sale (coming up Saturday, May 10th!) is a benefit for FWCC. The Friends also maintain a Woodstock Community Center blog.
  • Communications & Outreach Committee (formerly known as the Media Committee) spreads the word about WNA meetings and other neighborhood happenings via social networks, and helps organize and promote special events and projects (e.g., the Mural project, Movie in the Park) sponsored or cosponsored by WNA. [WANTED: WordPress expert to help redesign our website.]
  • Land Use Committee studies, informs neighbors, and weighs in on plans, proposals and policies pertaining to our neighborhood’s built environment (residential and commercial). The committee interfaces with the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability through a SE District Liaison, and often sends representatives to southeast- and city-wide Land Use meetings on special topics.
  • Sustainability Committee focuses on improving the health and livability of our natural environs and, by extension, the health and happiness of Woodstock inhabitants. Under the umbrella of this committee is our own Woodstock Tree Team, a.k.a. Treestock, which spearheaded our neighborhood’s street tree inventory last summer in collaboration with the Portland Parks and Recreation’s Urban Forestry division. The Sustainability Committee maintains the Sustainable Woodstock blog and will be ready to consider new projects as soon as our “Woodstock Community Information Kiosk” project has been completed (soon…soon…!). 

Remember, WNA is not the kind of group you have to join. If you live, work, or own property in Woodstock Neighborhood, you are considered a member, and we welcome your involvement. Even if you can’t make it to meetings, you can keep tabs on what’s going on via our Facebook pages (Woodstock Portland Oregon, a friend page designed for neighbor-to-neighbor interactions and Woodstock Neighborhood Association, our official organization page) or via the network.

WNA Land Use Committee meets Wednesday, April 9

Reminder! The April Land Use Committee meeting is scheduled for this coming Wednesday at 7:00 pm at the Woodstock Community Center, 5905 SE 43rd Ave at Knight Street. Time is running short for input on Portland’s proposed Comprehensive Plan, and this is the first chance the committee has to meet with Marty Stockton, the new Southeast District Liaison with the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS).

Marty Stockton let Land Use Committee Chair Terry Griffiths know that a request has been received from the property owner for a zone change from residential to designated commercial for four properties on the remainder of the 7-Eleven block between SE 52nd and SE 51st. Marty will be prepared to discuss how BPS would regard such a zone change request and perhaps what the neighborhood should consider when responding to it. Anyone who has time might want to take a look at this block before Wednesday’s meeting.

BPS has received at least two other requests for zone changes from residential to commercial; one is for the remainder of the block behind The Joinery. Come to Wednesday’s meeting to learn more about these proposed changes and how they may impact Woodstock, and to learn about other developments brewing in both the commercial and residential areas of our neighborhood.