What are they building there?

There are currently five significant construction projects in various stages in the Woodstock Neighborhood. Please note that the start/complete dates are WAGs (Wild A** Guesses) NOT supplied by builders.

Joinery block redevelopment: The Joinery and four homes south of it will be demolished, and replaced by a 5 story, 194 unit apartment building with 120 underground parking stalls. It’s progress awaits permits and financing. Start ~11/20, Completion ~05/22.

5111 SE Woodstock: Demolished building will be replaced by 28 micro apartments. No parking is required or provided. Construction started 07/20 and should complete 12/20.

Chinese Presbyterian Church Building: Existing church will be replaced by 4 story building, 84 apartment units of various sizes, and 1800 sq. ft. of retail. No parking is required or provided. Construction may start ~02/21, and might complete ~09/22.

Chinese Presbyterian Church Parking lot: Existing parking lot will be replaced with a new Church. Start/Complete times are unknown at this point.

6005 SE 51st Street (at Woodstock): Construction of a 3 story, 4-unit apartment building. Construction began 09/19 and should complete 11/20.

See something not mentioned here? Send an email to IKnowWoodstock@gmail.com with “Construction” in the Subject.