Dig and Delve, Divide and Conquer

Donations Sought for Annual Plant Sale 
(to Support the Woodstock Community Center)

The 20-year tradition of Woodstock Neighborhood Association’s pre–Mothers Day Plant Sale continues this year, Saturday, May 11, 2013.

Initially the Plant Sale underwrote a variety of neighborhood projects, but, in recent years, all of the proceeds have been needed to support the Partnership Agreement between Portland Parks and Recreation and the Woodstock Neighborhood Association (WNA).* The Agreement enables the Woodstock Community Center (WCC) to remain open and active by turning over the responsibility for routine maintenance of the Center to the WNA. Funds from the Plant Sale help to pay for custodial services and supplies, chemicals for the boiler, and for minor expenses associated with the grounds.

*At the March WNA Meeting, Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM at the WCC, Craig Vanderbout, Director of the Mt. Scott and Woodstock Community Centers, will talk about the partnership that began ten years ago between Portland Parks & Recreation and the Woodstock Neighborhood Association (overseen by our Friends of the Woodstock Community Center, a committee of the Woodstock Neighborhood Association). Both parties intend to renew the partnership agreement for another five years. Craig used the center as a youth when he lived in the neighborhood and has an interesting perspective on this valuable partnership and its meaning for the community. 

Most of the plants in the sale are donated by generous gardeners from our community. Gardeners may pot up divided perennials or seedlings that have volunteered from plantings of previous years. Sometimes, as gardens are being redesigned, people contribute plants they have decided to replace. Plants available usually include many varieties of perennials, vegetable starts, herbs, native plants, ground covers, grasses, houseplants, and small trees and shrubs.

Potted contributions for the sale can be dropped off at the Woodstock Community Center, 5905 SE 43rd, on Friday, May 10th, between noon and 7:00 PM. Anyone who needs empty pots or an earlier drop-off time should call Terry Griffiths at 503-771-0011 or email treeterry (at) yahoo (dot) com.

This year a small group of volunteers is working on creating hyper-tufa planters for the sale. We are in need of Sedums and other appropriate plants to fill those pots as soon as we can get them. If you have Sedums that have spread enough to share, please contact Terry (above) and she will send a small posse out to collect them.