Red, White and YOU

Please join us!
Woodstock Neighborhood Association Meeting
& Summer Berry Fest!
Wednesday, July 3rd, 7:00 P.M.
Woodstock Community Center
5905 SE 43rd Ave.

For many Oregonians, July is the height of summer berry season, and I’m betting there are at least a few Woodstockians who have been harvesting bumper crops of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries or blueberries these past weeks. Here’s a chance to share your bounty, or, if you don’t grow but you love to bake, to show off your culinary talents by sharing a homemade pie, crisp, or other berry dessert.

Cloud City Ice Cream has generously agreed to donate a couple quarts of vanilla ice cream and two pints of sorbet (marionberry-line and  Thai coconut) to complement the berry goodness. If you are active on Facebook, please thank them by liking their page.

So. We’ll kick off the July meeting with a berry potluck / social. After dessert, stick around for our briefs: neighbor introductions, committee reports, and special announcements. We’ll wind up by revisiting some key questions raised at our April visioning session. Namely: What’s unique about our neighborhood? How can we strengthen our neighborhood identity and sense of community? and What should be our neighborhood’s short-term priorities in terms of projects, events, or focus issues? This doesn’t have to be figured out all at once—it’s an ongoing conversation…but an important one!

Hope to see you Wednesday night!

—Becky Luening, WNA Chair