Woodstock Land Use Update

A message from Land Use Chair, Terry Griffiths:

Next WNA Land Use Committee meeting
Wednesday at 7:00 PM
Woodstock Community Center
5905 SE 43rd Ave at Knight

• The hearing on the zone change/lot partition for 3936 SE Reedway is scheduled for 9:00 AM on May 28th, at 1900 SW Fourth, Suite 3000. Rachel Whiteside has now written her staff report. She is recommending approval. (So much for our arguments in opposition.) Rachel’s report can be found by going to http://www.portlandoregon.gov/bds/article/4989521. It is some 25 pages long(!). We are going to need to strategize about how we want to handle this. Some people from the Eastmoreland board have indicated a willingness to help.

• There is a very interesting land use case at 3925 SE Lexington. We have until May 23rd to comment.

• On April 25, Mary Kay Tetrault, Becky Luening, Patti Lewis, Doug Strickler, and I took a  walk through the neighborhood with Marty Stockton (SE District Liaison with Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability), first looking at the area surrounding 3936 SE Reedway and then continuing through the unimproved streets up to SE 49 and Martins. (Patti wanted Marty to visualize the half block behind The Joinery that will be proposed to be designated commercial in the Comp Plan Map coming out in mid-July.) The walk-thorough convinced Marty that the one block stretch along SE Chavez from Reedway north to a half block north of Harold should be down-zoned from designated R2.5 to R5. That will be proposed with the map that comes out in mid-July. Also, as a result of the walk-through, Marty has a rather radical new concept for commercial zoning along SE Woodstock from SE 50th through the intersection at SE 52nd. We all should be paying serious attention to what is being considered there.

• In addition to the above, there continue to be be plans being made for a Charette — an inclusive, intensive community design process focusing on Woodstock’s commercial village — tentatively scheduled for October. Stay tuned for details.

In short, there will be more than enough to discuss on Wednesday. We hope many of you can make it.