Recycling 101


Bonita Davis, Master Recycler, came and did a presentation on recycling in Portland at our August Neighborhood Meeting. Our recycling program is not perfect, but the most important thing to remember is to reduce contamination of good recycling, be sure not to put things in your blue bin that does not belong there! Recycling programs will be different based on what can be sorted and taken at the centers.

Did you know all food scraps can be placed in your compost bin? Yes even meat & seafood! When recycling, it is about the shape of the item. Plastic bottles (6oz or larger), tubs (6oz or larger), plant pots (4″ or larger), buckets (5 gallon or less) can all be recycled. Keep all boxes that come from the freezer ore refrigerator section of the grocery store out of the blue bin.

Be sure to check out the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability website for more information. See this easy to print guide you can reference if you have questions!


When in doubt, throw it out!

**At our Board Meeting, we have decided to postpone the special meeting regarding registering the WNA as an independent 501c(3). If you were interested in attending this meeting, keep an eye out on the website and Facebook for any updates as we will update when more information is available.

Don’t forget, the WNA Land Use committee meets the 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Join Ed and Zaq to hear about upcoming Land use issues in the Woodstock Neighborhood.