Fossil Fuel in our Homes

Portland gets downright cold in the winter. Most of us are glad that if we give the thermostat a slight twist, our homes get warmer. For almost all of us, that twist means opening a valve to burn more natural gas, a fossil fuel whose consumption adds carbon dioxide to our atmosphere. Ouch.

Some of us are looking for an alternative, and the best we’ve found is electricity. True, much of our electricity is generated from burning fossil fuels, but the percentage goes down every year. Our local supplier, PGE, uses 25% renewable energy right now, and is committed to 50% by 2022, a little over a year away. The best part is that the trajectory is upward.

New construction should be all-electric. Cities like Berkeley, California already require it. Changing an existing home from gas to electricity is more expensive, but doable. Many of us feel something must be done about climate change. We need to ask ourselves how strong that feeling is.

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