New Construction in Woodstock

Below are currently the significant construction projects in various stages in the Woodstock Neighborhood. Please note that the start/complete dates are WAGs (Wild A** Guesses) NOT supplied by builders.

Joinery block redevelopment: The Joinery and four homes south of it will be deconstructed, and replaced by a 5 story, 194 unit apartment building with 120 underground parking stalls. Although the sale has gone through, no work, including demolition, is expected until this summer. Start ~August 2021, Completion ~early 2023.

5111 SE Woodstock: Nearly complete building with 28 micro apartments. No parking is required or provided. Construction started 07/20 and should complete 4/21.

Chinese Presbyterian Church Building: Existing church will be replaced by 4 story building, 84 apartment units of various sizes, and 1800 sq. ft. of retail. No parking is required or provided. The large Douglas Fir at the NE corner will be removed. Deconstruction of the existing church started 4/21, and might complete ~09/22.

Chinese Presbyterian Church Parking lot: Existing parking lot will be replaced with a new Church. Start/Complete times are unknown at this point.

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