treevia night posterThe Woodstock Neighborhood Association has an active Tree Team, a subcommittee of our inactive Sustainability Committee. The WNA Tree Team goes by the nickname Treestock. Woodstock is lucky to have two certified arborists, Richard Faber and Ruth Williams, on our team. Both live in the neighborhood and were actively involved in the 2013 Street Tree Inventory. Ruth is organizing a Woodstock Treevia Night pub quiz for April 10th (click on graphic at right for details).

Woodstock Tree Inventory

Woodstock was one of eight Portland neighborhoods selected by the Portland Urban Forestry Division to be included in the 2013 neighborhood tree inventory. Over the course of four work days that summer, volunteers ventured out in pairs to identify, measure and assess the health of all existing street trees. Tree data was then fed into the city’s ArcGIS database, providing the basis for further tree-centered activities and informing the completion of our very own neighborhood tree plan. The resulting tree plan will be used to help identify places to plant more trees and also identify struggling trees and ways to help residents maintain existing trees. A large map of our neighborhood showing some of the tree data collected resides at the Woodstock Library.

A few Treestock statistics: There are over 4,500 trees in this neighborhood. Woodstock has the largest percentage of conifers in the neighborhoods that have been inventoried. Conifers are great for slowing down rainwater runoff. We have 9% conifers; other neighborhoods have 2-5% conifers.

Tree-huggers Unite!

Woodstock neighbors have long demonstrated a strong interest in our urban forest. Five people from Woodstock completed Portland Neighborhood Tree Steward trainings—two in 1997 and one each in 2003, 2009 and 2010. The December 2014 Friends of Trees fall tree planting covering Woodstock and adjoining neighborhoods was the biggest tree planting in their history. Empowered by the data collected during the 2013 inventory, we expect our neighborhood Tree Team to grow and thrive, and we invite all resident tree lovers to join us!

If you live in Woodstock and want to be included in future Tree Team communications, please send an email to Richard Faber at

For more information about Portland Parks and Recreation’s Tree Inventory Project, visit: