Sustainable Woodstock

Woodstock Neighborhood Association’s Sustainability Committee goes by the name Sustainable Woodstock. The committee’s mission is to help strengthen neighbors’ connections to each other and to the earth, and to inspire and activate local residents in making the Woodstock Neighborhood healthier, more liveable, and more ecologically sound.

We borrow the Richmond Neighborhood Association definition of “sustainability”:

“The transformation of our ways of living to maximize the chances that environmental and social conditions will indefinitely support human security, wellbeing, and health.”

Sustainable Woodstock welcomes your involvement. Although WNA does have a Tree Team, its umbrella Sustainability Committee has been inactive for almost two years. All the committee needs to become reactivated is a neighborhood volunteer to take on the job of chairperson. The chair’s responsibility is to convene occasional meetings and play an active role in steering the direction of the committee and overseeing any projects the committee decides to pursue. For more information, send a message to or call Becky at 503-774-9197.

Attendees of Sustainable Woodstock’s founding meeting in March 2012 brainstormed the following list of possible projects and activities. A few of these have actually been accomplished, most notably the first item on the list.