WNA Meetings

The Woodstock Neighborhood Association meets the First Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Woodstock Community Center. Woodstock Neighborhood Association Board of Directors meetings are usually held immediately following the general monthly meeting, but every 3-4 months, a longer in-depth board session is scheduled at a different day/time. All WNA meetings are open to the public.

NOTE: While all community members are invited and encouraged to attend, if you have something you would like to present or have addressed at WNA’s monthly meeting, please email info@woodstockpdx.org to request an agenda addition.


Woodstock Neighborhood Association Agenda will be posted to a public shared file and available for viewing prior to upcoming meetings. You do not need to log into anything to access this. If there is an agenda item you would like to see at a future meeting please contact our WNA Chair, Sage Jensen: chair@woodstockpdx.org


Woodstock Neighborhood Association meeting minutes are reviewed at meetings, and posted to a public shared file area after formal approval by the the board. You do not need to log in to anything to access these documents. [Please contact us at info@woodstockpdx.org if you are in need of minutes of meetings held prior to January 2012, as they are stored elsewhere.]